Dragon Ball Super Shares Its First Peek at Chapter 77

Dragon Ball Super has a busy year ahead of it, and its schedule isn't just packed because of its anime. If you have been keeping up with Goku, you will know his story is living on right now in the Dragon Ball Super manga. The series is tackling a new arc these days, and the sniper Granolah has a major grudge against the Saiyan. And ahead of its next update, the manga has given fans a look at what's coming in chapter 77. 

The brief draft was shared during a new Dragon Ball Super video posted on its official website. It was there fans got a look at the sketch, and chapter 77 seems it will be going back in time. Fans are about to find out what went down when the Saiyan race reached Planet Cereal, and Monaito says Bardock saved Granolah's life in the end.

As you can see above, the draft shows a group of Great Apes on Planet Cereal. At least three are shown on the planet while a younger Monaito looks on in horror. He seems to be joined by another Cerealian in front, and the Namekian says the gang showed up out of nowhere.

Now, in the past, the manga has shown Granolah cowering in a home with his mom protecting him. Their home is cornered by Bardock's Great Ape at one point, and from there, fans assumed the family died save for the youngest. The latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super changed the story when Monaito told Granolah he was saved by the Saiyans. And now, it is time for Dragon Ball Super fans to figure out how that happened.

Clearly, Monaito has some explaining to do, and fans are always eager to see more of Bardock. It has been a while since the manga dealt with Goku's dad, and more importantly, it seems our hero is about to learn all about his father. So if you are hyped about this upcoming Dragon Ball Super chapter, well - it will be here in just a few more days.

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