Dragon Ball Super Brings Back Classic Dragon Ball Z Training Tool

The most recent chapter of Dragon Ball Super's manga gave readers a number of revelations and methods that both Goku and Vegeta will be exploring in order to train their bodies for the upcoming next round of the fight with the sorcerer Moro. While Vegeta is on Yardrat attempting to learn the arts of "Spirit Control", Goku is working toward mastering the technique of Ultra Instinct with the Galactic Patrolman, Merus. In prepping for their training sessions, Merus reveals access to the "Hyperbolic Time Chamber", a tried and true location in the Dragon Ball Z series, albeit with a slight twist.

Merus himself is a mystery, as the "space cop" clearly has the ability to brawl toe to toe with Goku without missing a beat. Though his power level may not rival Son Goku's, it's clear that his method of fighting and marital arts training relies on the same concept that made Ultra Instinct so distinct. Specifically, Ultra Instinct relies on, of course, one's instinct and the ability to not think too much or too little during a fight. By accessing this transformation, Goku managed to access a power that causes the gods to take notice and netted him a victory over Jiren during the Tournament of Power.

Dragon Ball Super
(Photo: Viz Media)

Whether or not Ultra Instinct would manage to be enough to defeat Moro is a question for the future, but its clear that Merus' training is going to help Goku quite a good deal. Merus having access to the "Room of Space and Time" was a curve ball, especially since it appears to be another version of said training space. The original otherworldly locale would move forward in time one year for each day that passed in the "real world". Merus' version has time pass three days in the "Chamber" for each one that passes in real time.

With these brand new methods of training for the main two Saiyan warriors and the Z Fighters on earth being recruited by the Galactic Patrol, it's clear that Dragon Ball Super's latest arc is going to continue one of the best arcs of the series to date.


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