Dragon Ball Super: Did You Catch Jaco's Most Impressive Power?

Dragon Ball Super is not shy about showing off its heroes and their powers. From Goku to Vegeta, our leads have been battle-tested time and again. Even the most dubious of heroes like Jaco have powers that make them suitable for battle, but you might have missed one of the soldier's most enviable skills.

If you have finished the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc in the manga, then you are acquainted with Jaco. The soldier has been around for some time now, and his eccentric personality has made him a favorite with fans. Jaco's self-deprecating humor has a certain charm to it, and it makes the patrolman come off rather weak. But if you noticed, Jaco is able to see things which Gohan and Piccolo are unable to.

And what could that be? Well, it has to do with Goku. Dragon Ball Super did not spend a long time on this fact, but Jaco is able to track Goku once he has gone Ultra Instinct. Not even Gohan and Piccolo are able to track the Saiyan once he has powered that much. The group then relies on Jaco to tell them what is going on, so it seems the soldier's secret superpower allows him to keep up with Goku. That is, at least where eyesight is concerned.

This is not the first time Jaco has shown how good his sight is. Back in the day, Jaco was able to see Frost unleash his poison when no one else could, and he was able to follow Goku during one of his rematches with Frieza. It seems Jaco's race is born with freakishly good eyesight, and it pairs well with his enhanced hearing. So if you ever questioned Jaco's place in the Galactic Patrol, well - it seems the fighter really does belong amongst its ranks.

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