Dragon Ball Super Artist Reveals Moro's Surprising Tie to Piccolo

When it comes to the Dragon Ball Super manga, fans have one man to thank in earnest for its creation. Akira Toriyama may have founded the franchise years ago, but it was Toyotaro who brought Dragon Ball Super to the page. With the title taking a break from the screen, the manga has taken to all new arcs to entertain fans, and the artist has revealed one fact about the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc's. baddie.

It turns out Toyotaro dove into the new arc during an interview with Dragon Ball's official website. It was there the artist said he worked cooperatively with Toriyama on the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc to make Moro resemble a throwback villain in ways.

According to fandom translator Cipher_db, Toyotaro wanted Moro to feel "completely evil" in a way that could not be redeemed down the line.

"[Moro is] a guy who, just like Piccolo Daimao, you could look at and instantly feel he has to be defeated. He didn’t want to leave the feeling that this was a villain who might end up becoming an ally afterward," the artist explained.

"To accomplish this, he based Moro's design off of Western-styled demons and gave him a cloak invocative of the grim reaper."


Clearly, the symbolism behind Moro's look was an intentional one, and it was done to signify how evil he is. Piccolo was eventually redeemed in Dragon Ball Z but Moro cannot expect the same treatment down the line. Much like Cell, this new villain will be one whom fans cannot forgive, and they are excited to see how Goku and Vegeta take down the ancient baddie.

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