Dragon Ball Super Warns Merus Against Saving Goku and the Earth

One of the major staples of Dragon Ball Super thus far is how Whis and Beerus refuse to interfere in mortal affairs, and now the series is beginning to warn the angel-in-training Merus against potentially saving Goku and the Earth in the battle against Planet Eater Moro. One of the biggest reveals in the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc thus far was that the surprisingly skilled Galactic Patroller Merus was actually an angel being trained by Whis, and this reveal was confirmed when Merus himself was on the border of breaking the angels' laws.

As the fight between Moro and Goku goes in a way that Merus doesn't expect when he begins to see that their Ultra Instinct training wouldn't be enough to defeat how strong Moro has become, Merus urges Whis to do something about it when he and Beerus prepare to move on and stop watching the fight. But it's here that Whis lays down the angel law once more.

When Merus is worried that the Earth and the other planets in the universe will be destroyed at this rate, Whis reminds him that the birth and death of planets is just one of the constants of the universe. Meddling on their part would harm the natural flow of each event, and that's probably why the punishments for the angels on this matter are so severe.

Dragon Ball Super Merus Saving Goku and Earth
(Photo: Shueisha)

Whis then tells Merus that it's not up to the angels anyway as Beerus and the Grand Supreme Kai would be the only ones who could make a decision to step in. This certainly is an interesting comment, however, as the Grand Supreme Kai has been heavily involved in the fight against Moro so far thanks to his residing in Majin Buu. So while Merus is deterred at the moment, perhaps this is a nugget for the future?


Merus was pulled away from Goku before he intervened too much, and his status as an angel in training is also showing us a new side of this multiverse. We're learning a lot about how the gods and angels operate through his eyes, and this conversation confirms what we've known all along -- that the gods won't be of any help unless it becomes a threat to them.

But what do you think? Do Whis and Beerus plan to totally stay out of Earth's affairs this time? Will Merus get antsy and break an angel law to step in against Moro? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!