Dragon Ball Super: Where is Freeza During the Moro Arc?

Dragon Ball Super's anime may be on indefinite hiatus, but the manga has continued pushing forward into a bold new story arc. That arc ("Galactic Patrol Prisoner") has introduced a fearsome new villain into the Dragon Ball universe: Planet-Eater Moro, an ancient sorcerer who possesses the horrific power to siphon the life forces of any living being or planet in his path. Moro sucked New Namek dry, and nearly killed both Goku and Vegeta, and has since been roaming the universe and consuming every planet he and his forces can find, with his final destination being Earth, and the life forces of Goku and Vegeta.

Considering the scope of Moro's terror across the galaxy - not to mention his intended goal of destroying Earth and Goku and Vegeta - there's one big question string Dragon Ball fans in the face: Where's Freeza been during Dragon Ball Super's Moro arc?

Given what threat Moro poses to the universe, it's should be logical to any longtime Dragon Ball fan that Freeza would not be happy with that turn of events. Freeza hopes to conquer and rule the universe - a goal that would be impossible if Moro sucks the entire universe dry of life. Moreover, Freeza isn't the power-sharing type, nor one to acknowledge that another warrior is stronger than him. In short: Freeza should have a major problem with Moro's reign and want to topple the evil sorcerer.

Freeza has kept a close eye on Earth, its Dragon balls, and his Saiyan rivals Goku and Vegeta. He earned back his life for (almost) heroically helping Universe 7 win the Tournament of Power, but quickly went back to his evil emperor ways, by discovering Broly on a remote planet, murdering his father, and turning the wild Saiyan into a berserker weapon of mass destruction. Freeza ended his arc in Dragon Ball Super: Broly vowing to gain more power and return to Earth to conquer his Saiyan foes once and for all... And that might be the only window of explanation for why Freeza hasn't shown up in the manga's Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc.

The manga has set up a major race-against-the-clock finale, in which Goku and Vegeta are both off on separate paths to unlock new powers that can defeat Moro, before Moro destroys Earth. Given where Freeza left off, it would be explainable that the Evil Emperor is off seeking his own new power source - whether that's in the far reaches of the galaxy, or perhaps in a different universe altogether. If Freeza doesn't show up for the final battle with Moro, he'd certainly be ready to step in and take advantage of the aftermath.


Do you think Freeza needs to show up in Dragon Ball Super's Moro arc?

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