'Dragon Ball Super' Movie Reveals Broly's Shipwrecked Origins

Dragon Ball Super: Broly is getting close to its highly-anticipated release date, and a recently-released synopsis for the film has provided some enticing new details that have fans buzzing!

Of the many things we've learned form the combination of the latest Dragon Ball Super: Broly trailer and this new synopsis, the most interesting insight is no doubt how the movie is approaching this new canon origin story for Broly:

What we've learned is that in this new telling of Broly's story, his destiny as a Saiyan of seemingly limitless power potential will be died directly to the story of Goku, and especially Vegeta. Broly's father Paragus has been reframed as King Vegeta's right-hand military adviser on Planet Vegeta, who is betrayed when King Vegeta orders Broly sent off-world, after learning the child has a greater power potential than Vegeta's own son. Paragus finds a few allies for his search (like new Saiyan characters Beets), and eventually locates Broly's crashed pod on Planet Vampa.

Here's where Broly's origin story gets somewhat vague, and very interesting. There are clues that when Paragus discovers Broly, the boy will already be discovering the potential of his power, and could already be dangerously out of control. We know that by the time Broly is an adult, he's wearing a device that looks conspicuously like the control collar that Broly wore in the original Dragon Ball Z: Broly movie from the '90s. That would suggest that young Broly truly is the epitome of the shipwrecked boy who goes savage in the wild. That raw unbridled power will bee exactly what Goku and Vegeta find themselves overwhelmed by, when Broly and Paragus first appear on Earth. Since this new synopsis also reveals that Broly and Paragus end up in the Freeza Force, it will be very interesting to see how long the Evil Emperor can keep playing with wildfire, before it burns him, too.


Dragon Ball Super: Broly will hit Japanese theaters in December, and is expected to arrive in the U.S. on January 16, 2019. Dragon Ball Super is currently airing its English dub on Adult Swim during the Toonami programming block Saturday evenings at 9:30 p.m. ET. It is also available to stream on Funimation and Amazon Video. The Japanese language release of the series is complete and available to stream on Funimation, VRV and Crunchyroll.