‘Dragon Ball’: This Super Saiyan 3 Nappa Cosplay Is Perfect

Dragon Ball fans aren’t ashamed to admit they love a good cosplay. Thousands of fans have given their own Super Saiyan looks a go, but one cosplayer just went above and beyond for their Nappa look.

Really, just take a look at the fan’s beard. You cannot beat that kind of devotion.

Over on Reddit, the aptly named user /SSJ3_Nappa posted a photo of themselves dressed as the Saiyan. The cosplay imagines what Nappa would look like if he were to go Super Saiyan 3, and fans are willing to count this outfit as a canon one given how spot-on it looks.

I was SSJ3 Nappa for Halloween. What do you guys think? from dbz

As you can see above, the Nappa cosplayer went deep into the fighter’s details. The only deviation fans can find with the Nappa uniform is its long pants, but the fans explains he can to forego shorts thanks to his work’s dress code. Aside from that, Nappa’s Saiyan armor looks impeccable with its broad shoulder pads, and its skirt also looks on-point.

Of course, it is the fan’s beard that makes the SSJ3 imagining. With his head shaven, the Dragon Ball guru has gone a beautifully long blond beard to signal Nappa and his SSJ3 transformation. The fighter is known for his bald head, but his facial hair does give Nappa one way to mimic the classic Super Saiyan shift. So, if Goku has his black hair turn blond, then Nappa can do the same with his beard.


According to lore, the manga and anime have no definite rules for Nappa’s SSJ3 form. However, Super Dragon Ball Heroes has helped fans see what the character might look like using the power-up. The video game has players use cards which have specific characters on them. These cards come with exclusive transformations and link up to the game. One such memento will let players witness the glory that is Super Saiyan 3 Nappa while others let Goku’s father Bardock go Super Saiyan 3 as well.

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