New 'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers Question Freeza’s Fate

With just a few episodes left, Dragon Ball Super is in its final stretch. The anime is set to wrap this March, so the Tournament of Power is trying to tie up its lose ends. However, a new set of spoilers has put Freeza in a rather strange predicament.

So, obviously - spoilers below!

Over in Japan, a swath of synopses for Dragon Ball Super’s upcoming episodes went live this week. Several magazines revealed key points for episodes 127-129, but Freeza is not mentioned in a single one of the blurbs.

When it comes to episode 127, the synopses published only mention Goku, Vegeta, and Android 17 as fighters for Universe 7. The next episode goes much the same as Goku and Vegeta take center stage following the elimination of Android 17.

By the time episode 129 comes around, its synopsis is only focused on Goku. Its blurb from Animedia goes so far as to say Goku and Jiren are the “only” ones left in the Tournament of Power. So, of course, fans want to know what is up with Freeza.

If you will recall, Freeza headed into battle during episode 126 with Android 17 to fight Toppo. The pair did their best against the Pride Trooper, but Freeza was pummeled by the God of Destruction. The episode ended with Android 17 back on his feet, but nothing was ever said about Freeza’s status. Neither Zeno made a point to wipe Freeza off their GodPad as if he were eliminated, so it seems like the villain is still in the tournament.


Right now, fans are debating whether Dragon Ball Super forgot to eliminate Freeza, but others have a simpler answer for what he’s doing. The most prevalent theory is that Freeza is hiding on purpose after Toppo sent him reeling. If Goku and Jiren think they are the event’s final fighters, they will dedicate all their energy into fighting each other. Should the pair tie, Freeza’s hidden presence would give Universe 7 an extra fighter in the arena when all is said and done. And, should that happen, Goku’s team will win the whole thing and get Freeza a step closer to being resurrected for real.

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