Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Upholds Delay Following Studio Update

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero isn't looking so hot these days if a new report is right. The update comes straight from Japan as fans were given an update on the film and its status at Toei Animation. The news comes after the studio was targeted by hackers using ransomware, and if the update is right, then Dragon Ball Super has yet to find a release window following its original delay.

The update comes from NHK as the network released a statement to fans about Toei Animation's status. After all, the studio did inform the world it was targeted by a hack last month, and the ordeal forced several hit series to go on hiatus. Now, those shows have been put back on the schedule, but NHK has confirmed Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is still in limbo.

"The impact on production still continues and there's no way to fully recover," the report shared on behalf of the animation studio (via Chronicles). "[The] movie's release date is still uncertain."

Clearly, this is not the news fans wanted to hear, but NHK is handing out some sort of update at the very least. Ever since the internal hack was announced, Toei Animation has kept tight-lipped about the whole thing understandably. The studio's last update did assure fans an internal investigation was being done into the hack. No group or individual has come forward admitting involvement with the Dragon Ball Super hack. So for now, it seems Goku and his friends must wait around until their movie's fate is decided.

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Earlier this month, fans did get the smallest of updates on the film and its possible release window. Shueisha, the publisher behind Shonen Jump, updated the release date for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero's novelization. After being delayed as well, the book is now slated to debut this June, but the new date could be little more than a placeholder as Toei Animation continues its investigation.

What do you make of this latest update? Do you think Dragon Ball Super will drop its movie before the year ends...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.