Dragon Ball Symphonic Adventure Releases Musical Trailer: Watch

The Dragon Ball Symphonic Adventure is aiming to perform some of the shonen anime's biggest musical numbers for live audiences. While the performance has gone through some difficulty and delays thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the musicians are aiming to show off their stuff later this year. Now, to give fans a better idea of what the performance will be and the sounds that will be played, Dragon Ball's Symphonic Adventure has dropped a new trailer. 

This new Dragon Ball anime performance has been touting that it will cover songs from both the original Dragon Ball series along with Dragon Ball Z, though the producers have yet to mention if the live-action shows will also dive into the worlds of Dragon Ball Super and/or the gaming franchise, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi. While the show was originally set to debut in the United States of America, the upcoming performances are relegated to Canada at the moment. Should an update arrive that will bring this Symphonic Adventure to US anime fans, Comicbook.com will let our readers know. 

Dragon Ball Symphonic Adventure: New Trailer

The producers of this Dragon Ball Adventure, Kashamara Productions, described the musical event as such: "Dragon Ball Symphonic Adventure is a full-immersive concert with the music of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, all completely synchronized to cutting edge video screen, lighting and special sound effects. The production revisits the entire sagas of both Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z with a full orchestra and rhythm section, as well as HD images on a large screen. The global impact of Dragon Ball cannot be understated. Akira Toriyama's work became a worldwide phenomenon, with over 300 million volumes of the comic book sold, currently making it the second-most sold manga in the world. Dragon Ball Z is also a nostalgic experience for many Canadians who grew up watching the show after school on YTV."

The upcoming performances will see Hiroki Takahashi, the singer from the Dragon Ball series, who will take the opportunity to perform some of the shonen's biggest musical numbers. Songs like "Cha-La Head-Cha-La", "We Gotta Power" and "Unmei no Hi -Tamashii VS Tamashii" have been confirmed when it comes to Takahashi's time on stage. There should be plenty of Dragon Ball themes for fans to enjoy for those who live in Canada and those looking to make the trip to the country

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