Dragon Ball Super Sparks Ultra Ego Power Level Theories With Latest Promo

Dragon Ball Super has gifted its heroes all sorts of power boosts in its time, and that tradition isn't about to go anywhere. If you did not know, the manga is still carrying the series forward, and it recently gifted Vegeta his best boost yet. In fact, Ultra Ego has been the 'it' topic with fans since it first appeared, but a new promo has some questioning how high its power level goes.

The whole thing came to light when V-Jump put out a special ad in Japan all about Vegeta. It was there the series broke down all of the character's forms, and its blurb about Ultra Ego made fans do a double-take. So if you want in on the situation, you can find the blurb below:

"The ki in this form has the same nature as a God of Destruction. The power driven solely by instinct is unbounded, and as his fighting spirit burns, Ultra Ego becomes stronger and stronger, making it the strongest form of all."

As you can see above, Dragon Ball Super isn't shy about calling Vegeta's form what it is, and that is insanely strong. This tracks as its heroes tend to unlock new forms when their personal power levels push beyond their former limits. But by calling Ultra Ego the "strongest form of all", some fans are curious if that statement has Ultra Instinct in mind.

After all, Goku unlocked his own godly power by the end of Dragon Ball Super's Tournament of Power, and he has been working to master it. Vegeta caught up with Ultra Ego, and its raw power is out of this world. After all, the form does hail from Beerus, and the God of Destruction is nothing to sneeze at. And given this promo, netizens are eager for Dragon Ball to lay these two forms against each other.

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Of course, other fans have no issue with the promo. The blurb could just as easily mean Ultra Ego is Vegeta's "strongest form of all" to narrow things down. That caveat is absolutely true given what we know of Vegeta's other forms. So despite Goku having a god-like form thanks to Whis, Vegeta can stand next to his rival on equal ground courtesy of Beerus.


What do you think about Vegeta and his latest form? Do you think Ultra Ego is the strongest of any form in Dragon Ball Super? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.