New ‘Dragon Ball’ Theory May Have Figured Out Ultra Instinct's Final Form

If you are part of the Dragon Ball fandom, then you know its members have a thing for theories. [...]

If you are part of the Dragon Ball fandom, then you know its members have a thing for theories. Over the years, Akira Toriyama has created some ace theorists through Dragon Ball, and those fans were riled up recently with Goku learned how to use Ultra Instinct. Now, the fandom thinks it has cracked the power-up's final form, and fans are having a hard deny refuting the theory.

If you are not familiar with the new form, then you have a bit to brush up on. Goku debuted his Ultra Instinct power-up during the 'Universal Survival' saga of Dragon Ball Super. The on-going storyline is following Goku and Universe 7 as they fight to keep their home safe, but the Saiyan found a mighty opponent in the likes of Jiren.

When Goku and Jiren finally got to go head-to-head, the Universe 11 warrior pushed the Saiyan beyond his limits. Goku wound up having his own Spirit Bomb blown back at him, and the attack's power helped Goku awaken the godly power of Ultra Instinct.

So far, Goku has only been able to whip out the transformation twice. The Saiyan first used the power-up on Jiren, but the Pride Trooper was able to knock Goku out of it. The hero recently entered it the state again when he fought Kefla, and Goku got a better handle on Ultra Instinct the second time around. Still, Whis stressed Goku has much to learn if he wants to master the state, and fans think Toei Animation has already shown them the form's final look.

When Ultra Instinct was first announced, Dragon Ball Super did it through a stunning poster reveal. A key visual for the anime's current saga showed Goku standing in his mysterious form, and fans were baffled by his black hair and silver eyes. The hero was also seen shimmering with a white-blue and red aura, and it is the latter color that fans have now latched on to.

Right now, Ultra Instinct Goku has a simpler look than the one Toei Animation teased originally. The hero only shimmers with a white-blue aura, and there is no red in sight. Over on Reddit, fans have started to theorize the original artwork's red sheen actually shows Goku's finalized Ultra Instinct state. Fans already know the Saiyan has got the unconscious dodging down when it comes to Ultra Instinct; Goku just needs to learn to attack without thought as well. And, when he does, fans are willing to bet Goku's form with become a bit more colorful.

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