'Dragon Ball': Here's What Ultra Instinct Piccolo Could Look Like

Dragon Ball fans love power-ups, and Dragon Ball Super made its Tournament of Power Arc an unprecedented success by debuting a brand-new major transformation for Goku, known as Ultra Instinct. The godly technique's future in the franchise is still uncertain - but hasn't stopped fan artists from coming up with some inspired visions of what Ultra Instinct could look like, ifother Dragon ball characters were to tap into the power.

Today, it's time for Ultra Instinct Piccolo:

Ultra instinct piccolo I drew/painted a little while ago from r/dbz

As you can see, this rendition of Ultra Instinct Piccolo gives the heroic Namkeian a buffer body and those signature hard eyes. It's hard to tell if the color of the eyes is green, or gray, or something in between. The effect of the shirt ripping apart in transformation is a nice callback to the Goku's moment of achieving Ultra Instinct in the anime series. And yet, unless that nebula in the background is supposed to be some kind of aura, this sketch goes for the invisible aura that we got with the manga version of Goku's Ultra Instinct, as opposed to the intense light show we saw in the anime.

Piccolo is an O.G. fan-fave of the Dragon Ball franchise, so it's nice to see him get this kind of creative love. However, the sketch will also no doubt inspire a lot of the usual debates about whether or not a character like Piccolo could ever hope to achieve a power like Ultra Instinct. Obviously, Piccolo is nowhere near the level of warrior that Goku was when he tapped into Ultra Instinct; Piccolo hasn't even shown the capacity for tapping into a divine power - at least not since his fusing with both Kami and Nail. It stands to reason that if there are more powerful Nameks out there in the various universes, even ones with higher divine power levels, Piccolo could fuse or receive training that could allow him to achieve Ultra Instinct on his own.

Of course, Dragon Ball does love to reserve its strongest transformations for the Saiyans; it's not like we've ever seen Piccolo get some Namekian equivalent of Super Saiyan. Now that we mention it though: seeing the green guy get such a transformation would be kind of cool, no?

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