Dragon Ball Super Sees Vegeta Bash Instant Transmission in Light of His New Attack

Dragon Ball Super's seen a more confident Vegeta lately, and after learning Instant Transmission [...]

Dragon Ball Super's seen a more confident Vegeta lately, and after learning Instant Transmission Vegeta did not hold back in bashing it in favor of a new mystery move. Dragon Ball Super's Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc had sent Vegeta to Planet Yardrat in search of some kind of move that could somehow defeat Planet Eater Moro, and this confidence in himself and this move seems to tease that it will be the key to defeating Moro at the end of this fight. But in usual Vegeta fashion, he has to take Goku down a peg in order to better prove it.

When Vegeta finally makes his way to Earth with the sudden use of the Instant Transmission technique toward the end of Chapter 60 of the series, Goku asks to confirm if Vegeta used it to get there as Vegeta hilariously trashes it by stating, "I have no intention of pilfering your signature move." But that's not all to the quote.

While Vegeta is bashing Goku's now famous technique, he does so while also admitting that he can't quite use it in the same way. Vegeta goes as far to say that he both might not be able to pull it off again, and more notably, admit that he won't be learning it either. He says the same thing when he first teleports away from Yardrat too. He boasted that he'll master it faster than anyone before, but had no desire to use it later.

Dragon Ball Super Vegeta Instant Transmission Manga
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Seeing him dismiss the move so badly has been strange considering how much Vegeta has been training on Yardrat through the arc so far. It's teased that he's been made much stronger as a result of this training, so to shirk off one of the final parts of it is odd. But at the same time, this technique was apparently not in Vegeta's training plans anyway. It was tossed on when Vegeta realized he had no other options but to learn it.

Whatever this new move truly is, it must be strong or clever enough to defeat Moro if Vegeta is both confident enough to toss away Instant Transmission and head back into the fight so soon to save Goku and the others. But what did you think? Was Vegeta just blowing off this move due to his pride? Or was it just him admitting that he might have ran out of time? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!