Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta Just Stole One of Goku's Signature Moves

It goes without saying, but if you somehow missed it, Vegeta is one of the most powerful fighters in Dragon Ball. The Saiyan is only second to guys like Goku, and he has continued to power up since the anime ended. From Ultra Ego to Super Saiyan Blue and beyond, it seems Vegeta can do about anything, but he had to resort to Goku's move in a recent chapter. The Saiyan stole attack out of nowhere, and fans are still laughing over the surprising moment. 

The hilarious moment came in the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super this week. If you checked out this month's chapter, you will know Vegeta and Granolah are fighting more desperately than ever before. At some points, it seems like Vegeta is done for, and others push Granolah towards the sideline. And at one point, Vegeta is cornered to the point of biting Granolah as a last resort.

And yes, you did read that right. Vegeta straight-up bit Granolah in a bid to beat the foe. After being tossed around in Ultra Ego, Vegeta manages to get his teeth around Granolah's arm, and the sniper is left stunned by the savage attack.

This low-blow might be surprising for Vegeta, but it is not unusual to find in Dragon Ball. After all, Goku has bitten his foes more than once. Back in the day, Goku bit But on the head during their battle, and this was when the Saiyan had leveled up to his third form. Goku has even bit Beerus on the tail, and he did the same to Kale of Universe 6 during the Tournament of Power. As you can see, Goku isn't afraid to bite if it is his best choice, and Vegeta borrowed that idea during his bout with Granolah.

In the end, his bite did not make a difference in the fight as Vegeta and Granolah were locked in a suicide mission against the other. The only reason the pair are alive is thanks to Monaito, and the Elder Namekian has thrown a wrench in Granolah's revenge plot. It seems Goku's dad has a history with the sniper, so fans will want to keep up with the manga's arc when a new chapter drops in October. 


What do you think of this last-resort technique? Did you ever expect Vegeta to bite down on this attack...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.