New ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Spoiler Has Vegeta Fans Fuming

Dragon Ball Super isn’t afraid to tout Goku as its number one hero, but fans do admit they’d like to see more of Vegeta. The surly Saiyan has been second-string to Goku for years now, but Vegeta will head into the spotlight soon once he squares up to Jiren.

However, the fame won’t last long. A new spoiler for Dragon Ball Super is out, and it does not go easy on Vegeta.

Over in Japan, Weekly Shonen Jump is preparing to release its latest issue. Magazine scans hit the Internet earlier today, and they contain a blurb about the anime’s 123rd episode. And, as you can see below, Dragon Ball Super doesn’t treat Vegeta’s loss to Jiren softly.

According to translators, the synopsis for episode 123 says “Vegeta loses to Jiren without even being able to put up a decent fight.” The slight has got Vegeta stans fuming, and social media has already collecting fan-wars about the apparent diss. However, there are some fans who think the synopsis could be a blessing in disguise.

Vegeta may have wanted to take down Jiren, but fans knew there was no way that could happen. After all, Jiren has shown he is the strongest person in the Tournament of Power, and Goku could not even beat the Pride Trooper with his Ultra Instinct power-up. Vegeta has yet to match that transformation, so there was little hope the Saiyan could knock Jiren.


Still, the episode preview for episode 122 did see Vegeta get some good hits in. Goku had trouble landing those kinds of punches against Jiren before he went Ultra Instinct, so a point goes to Vegeta’s favor. The hero being injured could also help push Vegeta past his current limit and help him tap into Ultra Instinct eventually. After all, Goku could not reach the power until he was on his last leg, so who is to say Vegeta cannot do the same?

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