Dragon Ball Super Art Imagines Vegeta's Epic Rematch with Moro

Dragon Ball Super fans have been following Goku and Vegeta for awhile as they face off with Moro, and but the former Prince of the Saiyans has been stuck training as of late. As Goku and Moro fight for now, Vegeta has been preparing with a new technique of his own. And thanks to a clever piece of fan-art, we can imagine how things might look when Vegeta makes his incoming comeback.

Over on Instagram, the user Reinald art posted his take on Vegeta's return to the delight of fans. The artist, who is well known for their Dragon Ball Super artwork, felt it was time the Saiyan got a bit of glory. After all, Goku has spent so much time fighting Moro during their rematch, and it is only fair for Vegeta to get his own comeuppance.

According to this concept art, Vegeta makes his awaited return to Earth and faces off with Moro after Goku takes a good beating. There is little doubt the latter need a senzu bean before getting back into action, and Vegeta is all too happy to save Goku for once. After all, it is usually the other way around.

With Moro standing across the field, Vegeta eyes his opponent down while dressed in his new training gear. This kind of concept art is pretty likely given the current situation Goku has put himself in. The manga's last chapter followed Moro as the villain knocked Goku out of Ultra Instinct, but the Saiyan reentered the form for another round. It seems like the two will be at a stalemate until Vegeta arrives, and that is only if Goku can keep his form up. Nothing less than Ultra Instinct will be able to take out Moro, so Vegeta better have learned something good while training on Yardrat.

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