Dragon Ball Super: Vegeta Hints Why He's Uninterested In Ultra Instinct

Dragon Ball Super made its return last night, and fans are still reeling from the comeback. [...]

Dragon Ball Super made its return last night, and fans are still reeling from the comeback. Episode 122 saw Vegeta go off on Jiren as the two fighters battled for the first time, but nobody saw Vegeta's slight against Ultra Instinct coming. So, it was nice of the Saiyan to explain his grudge against the form to fans.

If you watched Dragon Ball Super's latest episode, then you know Vegeta was no match for Jiren. The Saiyan used all his power just to land a hit on the Pride Trooper, and Jiren was quick to blame the ordeal on Vegeta's pride. The Universe 11 warrior told his opponent his arrogance would be his downfall, but Vegeta was quick to correct such an assumption.

"I can never throw away who I am," Vegeta said while getting his Final Flash ready.

"Kakarot can have his Ultra Instinct! I'll defeat you in my own way, Jiren!"

For fans of Vegeta, the moment was a triumphant one. They got to see the Saiyan separate himself from Goku's power and leave his inferiority complex behind if just for a moment. Vegeta let go of his obsession with Goku to find his own way of defeating Jiren, so Vegeta felt okay dismissing Ultra Instinct for right now.

For Vegeta, the new transformation is an intriguing if not offensive one. Goku was able to unlock the power by letting go of all his conscious battle prowess. When Goku uses Ultra Instinct, he becomes a slave to instinct, but that subservient status does not sit well with Vegeta. There is nothing more valued to the fighter than his Saiyan pride, and Vegeta does not want to use Ultra Instinct since it makes him give up his unique way of fighting. Ultra Instinct is hard to combat in battle, but Vegeta would prefer to keep his identity and lose than to win without pride. So, it is only a matter of time until Vegeta finds a balance between those two options.

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