'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers Confirm Vegeta's Most Epic Battle Yet

Dragon Ball Super has its biggest heroes fighting against Universe 3 right now, but the anime will soon shift Vegeta's focus elsewhere. Thanks to a new episode synopsis, fans just learned how the Saiyan will battle next, and it has got netizens buzzing.

After all, it isn't everyday that Vegeta gets to fight Jiren.

Weekly Shonen Jump is preparing to debut its next issue, and a few scans of the magazine have hit the Internet. Translators like Herms98 have turned around its synopsis for Dragon Ball Super's 122nd episode, and the telling summary can be read below:

"Vegeta attacks the strongest warrior, Jiren! Only warriors from Universes 7 and 11 remain at the Tournament of Power! Vegeta challenges Jiren to battle in Goku's stead...!

Freeza This Week: Targeting Dyspo! Universe 11's Dyspo tries to hinder Universe 7's warriors. Disliking this strategy, Freeza selects Dyspo as his next target."

As you can see, the rumors about Vegeta's next match were correct. The Saiyan is going to pull a Goku and go challenge the Tournament of Power's strongest fighter. Jiren has already shown he's in a class even higher than Goku, but Vegeta will not let that deter him. If the hero wants to unlock Ultra Instinct and prove his Saiyan pride, he will have to challenge Jiren to a one-on-one match.

The synopsis for episode 122 does state that Vegeta enters the battle in lieu of Goku. Fans are wondering if the mention means Goku will be injured during his team's battle against Aniraza of Universe 3. Vegeta could step up to challenge Jiren if Goku is physically unable to battle, but it is also just as likely that Vegeta offers himself up for some selfish reasons. Vegeta may have mellowed over the years, but his Saiyan blood still riles him up on the battlefield. It wouldn't be surprising to see Vegeta send off a cocky challenge to Jiren before he can think twice about its consequences.


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