Dragon Ball Super Reveals When Moro Will Visit Earth

Dragon Ball Super's latest chapter continues the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc, and throughout its duration so far Planet Eater Moro has proved to be a surprising villain who makes even more surprising choices. After defeating Goku and Vegeta on New Planet Namek, and successfully making three wishes on the Namekian Dragon Balls, he is now leisurely taking his time eating various planets across the universe. This undoubtedly includes Earth, which Moro is now interested in after finding out that there are some strong energies living on the planet. Even more so now that he knows Goku and Vegeta are on their way there.

But how long will it take Moro to get to Earth? Chapter 54 of the series sees Moro planning to get there in about 20 days from the time his henchman attacked Gohan and the others before changing his mind and deciding to wait two months before getting there.

When his henchman struggle to fight against Gohan and the others, Moro's interest is piqued. This is further emphasized when he finds out that the killer Android Seven Three had to use the power it copied from Moro in order to fight them off. Now knowing that there are powerful energies on the planet, he's heading there next...but he's in no rush.

Discovering that Goku and Vegeta are training in order to defeat him and are heading to Earth, Moro decides to wait until everyone gathers together to make the planet worth eating overall. At first, he gives them 20 days but Jaco manages to talk them into waiting two more months citing that the lesser technologies of Earth make space travel slower overall. But regardless of the reason, Moro doesn't really care. He's willing to wait as long as it takes because all of that power will be much better to absorb and devour. Luckily for Goku, this gives him six more months to train in a less strong version of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.


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