Dragon Ball Super Sees SPOILER Die by Moro's Hand

Dragon Ball Super's manga has introduced one of the strongest villains in the series to date in "Planet-Eater" Moro, and no matter what Goku and Vegeta try to do Moro seems to grow even stronger each new chapter. That's especially true in the latest chapter of the series which sees Moro grow to his strongest yet as a successful wish on the Dragon Balls has restored him to his prime magic power. But this came with a surprising casualty.

When Moro is pinned down by Buu and nearly defeated, the returning Freeza soldier Cranberry uses one of the wishes on the Namekian Dragon Balls to restore Moro to his full strength, but before he can make another wish, he's betrayed by Moro and killed.

(Photo: Viz Media)

Cranberry is a soldier who once worked alongside Vegeta in the Freeza Force during the Namek Saga, and he was recruited by Moro for his knowledge of Namek and the Dragon Balls. Cranberry worked alongside Moro in the hopes of hiding from the Galactic Patrol on a remote planet, and nearly left Moro at an earlier point in the series. Turns out this would have been a good idea as Moro kills him without a second thought.

Cranberry actually saves Moro in Chapter 48 as Majin Buu is about to use the very technique that sealed him away 10,000 years ago, but stops when the sky turns black. It's revealed that Cranberry successfully summoned Porunga. He uses the first wish to heal himself (which turns out to be in vain as he dies moments later), and is going to use his second wish to get himself to a remote planet.


But Moro contacts him telepathically and tells him to wish him to his prime magical power, and Moro flies to him instantly and pierces Cranberry's chest with his hand and kills him before Cranberry can make the third wish. It's here that Moro successfully gets his other wish, but it's being kept secret for now. Fans knew Moro was going to kill Cranberry as soon as he got the chance, but seeing how Cranberry saved Moro there is a weird bittersweet feeling to it.

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