Dragon Ball Super Explains Why Yardrat Has Two Alien Races Now

Dragon Ball fans met a certain planet a long time ago called Yardrat. The locale was an unassuming one until Goku mets its natives, and it was there fans came to learn the secret behind Yardrat. The planet hosts a race of super-strong aliens who helped Goku learn how to use Instant Transmission amongst other things. But when Vegeta came to the planet, he was met with two races of aliens which artist Toyotaro is opening up about at last.

It wasn't long ago that the official Dragon Ball site posted an interview done with Toyotaro. The artist, who has overseen the Dragon Ball Super manga since it began awhile back, told the site he created a second race of Yardratians to make the planet a tad more serious.

As translated by Cipher_db on Twitter, Toyotaro said the wanted fans to note the different races, and see had reason for desiring that.


"Since there were two separate designs in previous material—one which debuted in the anime, and a cuter one designed by Toriyama a while back, he was at a loss for which to include," the translated summary reads.

"Ultimately he decided to use both after a talk with V-Jump Editor Victory Uchida [who is also a V-Jump mascot character; long story]. Just as there are many different races on Earth, he figures it shouldn’t be an issue to have different variations of one species on Yardrat. As you get into the action parts of stories, there's a tendency to make everything more serious, which could have resulted in the Yardratians having more rugged, typically sage-like characteristics, but he resisted that temptation in favor of including some typical DB cuteness."


According to Toyotaro, he wanted to include the cute Yardrats which creator Akira Toriyama made years ago. They were meant to act as a breather for Dragon Ball fans given how tense the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc has been, so that is the reason why the planet has two races now. Both serve their own purpose in the series, and it makes the universe of Dragon Ball that much more interesting.

So, what do you make of this explanation? Do you have a preference between these two races? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

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