This Super-Fan Has A Ton Of ‘Dragon Ball’ Tattoos

One cannot simply become Son Goku, but that hasn’t stopped fans from trying. Over the years, [...]

One cannot simply become Son Goku, but that hasn't stopped fans from trying. Over the years, countless fans have hit the gym hoping they'd go Super Saiyan by some miracle, and others have tapped into the hero's power by bleaching their hair. However, there is one guy who knows a better — and more permanent way — to show off his Dragon Ball love.

All you have to do is get a whole bunch of tattoos. Like, a whole lot of them.

Thanks to Kotaku and Thai Chi, one super-fan is going viral because of his Dragon Ball tattoos. The man, whose name is Owan Kranseen, is a dedicated fan of Akira Toriyama's series. Over the past few months, the guy has gotten his entire torso inked with Dragon Ball tattoos, and there are a lot to look at.

As you can see, Kranseen has some of the franchise's best anime moments inked on his skin. Both of his arms are colored in bright ink, but that is not all. The fan's chest, torso, and back have all become a canvas to tell Goku's story.

If you check out the fan's chest, you will see the famed Father-Son Kamehameha being formed towards the left. Both Gohan and Goku can be found charging up the attack, but there is more than just the two. To the right, Super Saiyan 4 Goku can be found staring down Vegeta as a Dragon Ball hovers in front of them. He even has the logo for Dragon Ball GT etched in the center of his chest if you look closely.

Moving to his toros, Kranseen paid up to get some seriously detailed tattoos. One patch comes from Dragon Ball Super and features Beerus alongside Whis. Another shows off King Kai laughing while the one to its left reveals Android 18's first kiss with Krillin. Other tattoos highlight Chi-Chi, Bulma, Freeza, Cell, and many more.

There's no word on how much all this ink must have cost, but fans can imagine. They can also guess at how painful the tattoo sessions must have been, but Kranseen got through them all like a champ. The guy may not be able to go Super Saiyan, but he definitely has Goku's pain tolerance.

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