Dragon Ball Star Chris Sabat Congratulates Parasite on Oscars Sweep

Today, it seems the world has joined in on the Bong-Hive fandom. The group has grown exponentially since the debut of Parasite, and it all but exploded last night thanks to the Oscars. Director Bong Joon-ho oversaw Parasite to a massive wins, and movie lovers everywhere are glad to see the foreign film doing so well. And yes, you can count Vegeta amongst those supporters.

Recently, the voice of Vegeta shared his own love of Parasite with fans. Chris Sabat, the English dub voice of the Saiyan, hit up Twitter to gush over the film's success.

"So happy to see Parasite sweep the Oscars tonight. Hollywood acknowledging this brilliant Korean film in such a profound way is a badass reminder that great art extends beyond borders. If you haven't seen it—GET ON THAT," Sabat wrote.

As you can see, Sabat isn't hiding his love for Parasite much like the rest of us. Bong's film is a cinematic masterpiece and then some given its social commentary on classist divides. The clever film is both comedy and tragedy in one, so you can see why Sabat would approve. Parasite might not have world-ending Super Saiyans, but it has tension all its own. And at the end of the day, we're sure Vegeta would back Parasite if he ever stopped training long enough to watch the Oscar-winning flick.

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