Vic Mignogna Reasserts His Innocence in First Statement Following Lawsuit Dismissal

Last year, a ruling came down on the lawsuits which voice actor Vic Mignogna filed against several former colleagues of his at Funimation. The legal ordeal came after Mignogna was subjected to scrutiny in the wake of numerous harassment allegations. The lawsuits were ultimately dismissed following a prolonged trial period, but the former Dragon Ball Z actor has one last thing to say on the topic.

In a recent video, the voice actor spoke with fans in a 13-minute long livestream. It was there Mignogna doubled down on his innocence by denying claims made by actresses Monica Rial and Jamie Marchi.

"I have never once in the history of my life forced myself on anyone, ever," Mignogna shared (via ANN). "I've made normal advances that were either accepted or rejected, and that was that."

"Anyone who thinks differently doesn't know me at all and anyone who claims differently is a liar."

In the rest of the video, which can be seen here, Mignogna pushes back against the allegations he physically or sexually harassed anyone. He also says those accusing him within the voice acting industries were once friends to him, and Mignogna questions why everyone made him feel welcomed if they had issues with his behavior. The only person who the actor excuses from this list is Sean Schemmel, the voice behind Goku, as the veteran voice actor was candid about his feelings for Mignogna.


"They [my friends at Funimation] personally witnessed with their own eyes all of these people pretending to be my friends...I hope none of you have to learn that the people in your lives who you thought were your friends are lying backstabbers who never liked you much to begin with and were secretly hoping, and even plotting, to destroy you," Mignogna shared.

This livestream is now being scrutinized in the wake of Mignogna's unsuccessful lawsuit. The actor filed legal action against Rial, Rial's fiancé, Marchi, and even Funimation last year. He claimed the group interfered with his business relations amongst other things, but all charges were ultimately dismissed with Mignogna being forced to pay sanctions. Nearly a year after Mignogna was first accused of harassment, it seems this ordeal is an on-going one for those involved, and the anime fandom is left to wonder when (or if) things will go back to the status quo.