'Dragon Ball Z' Powers Up London Toy Fair With New Funko Pop Figures

Funko fans, the wait is over! If you have been dying to add new anime figures to your Funko Pop collection, then Dragon Ball Z is here to save the day with some long-awaited pieces.

Earlier today, Funko revealed its next wave of Dragon Ball Z figures as part of a huge London Toy Fair event. So far, eight figures have been revealed which will be available to purchase online or in store. A set of four more Funko Pop figures were debuted as well to show off some upcoming exclusives. You'll be able to pre-order them all right here at some point today, January 21. So, fans will want to be sure they keep on checking for their favorite figure!

As you can see below, Nappa can be seen sans hair and ready to square up for a fight. With his scouter in place, the Saiyan is ready to take out Yamcha, and he is joined by 'Saiyan' saga Vegeta as well.

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(Photo: Funko)

Goku is also included in this new wave, and he hails from the 'Saiyan' saga. The hero can be seen donning his usual orange gi, and he seems ready to fight his older brother Raditz as the villain has been given his own Funko Pop figure too.

Chi-Chi and Gohan have their own figures as well with the woman looking plenty stern. In fact, her narrowed brow almost rivals the one Kid Buu is rocking in his new figure. The iconic villain will be joined by Freeza in this wave with the latter seen sitting in his usual transport pod.

dragon ball funkosDxdLecnWwAUs4zJ
(Photo: Funko)

When it comes to exclusives, Goten has been given a Super Saiyan figure which Hot Topic will sell exclusively. Galactic Toys has nabbed a figure of Super Saiyan Broly powering up while GameStop will host Future Gohan. Finally, AAA Anime will court Super Saiyan Gotenks to round out the new wave.

You can head on over to our Funko London Toy Fair master list to keep track of all the new Pop figure releases and where you can reserve them for your collection. You can also check out our Funko page for details on standout waves and individual releases such as these Super Saiyan pieces.


So, which of these figures will you be picking up? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

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