Dragon Ball Z Art Gives Vegeta a DC Comics Makeover

Dragon Ball fans know Vegeta is a very strong fighter. Over the years, the Saiyan has shown up opponents from across the multiverse, but his world is still firmly entrenched in Dragon Ball. Fans have long wondered how Vegeta and the other Saiyan would fair if they were to travel to another series, and one fan just imagined how Vegeta might fit into the DC Comics universe.

Taking to Twitter, an artist known as Adamo ZockerMaul shared his take on Vegeta. The German artist wanted to imagine how the Prince of Saiyans might look if he were transported to the DC Universe. When you have villains like Darkseid to fight, you need level up your look, and this artwork does just that.

Now, fans just have to decide whether they like the concept piece.

As you can see above, Vegeta looks downright menacing in this art style. He has moved away from manga conventions more so to take on more Western features. You can tell Vegeta's eyes are much smaller than usual, but his hair and buff body are here to stay in any universe.

The outfit Vegeta is wearing is completely different from his usual look. There is no Saiyan armor in sight with its shoulder plating and tights. This outfit streamlines Vegeta into a black bodysuit with purple armor overtop. With some gold overlays completing the outfit, Vegeta looks like he's ready to challenge Superman for fun, but there is a good chance Goku would sway him from such a battle.


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