Dragon Ball Z: Freeza Actor Christopher Ayres Updates Fans After Latest Surgery

Dragon Ball Z fans can do some impressive things when they come together, and the community is showing up in force for one actor these days. Christopher Ayres has earned the goodwill of fans around the world for his take on Freeza in Dragon Ball Z Kai and Dragon Ball Super. Now, those fans are supporting the actor amidst some health issues, and Ayres has taken time to update everyone on his condition.

Over on Twitter, Ayres posted a message from the hospital after the voice actor underwent a recent surgery. It turns out the routine operation turned into something much bigger when doctors located a major issue during the procedure.

"Just to fill you all in my minor surgery turned into a 7-hour major surgery. I apparently had a hiatal hernia. My stomach had pulled up through my diaphragm and was wrapped around my esophagus. It's been taken care of so there is no need to worry. Just fill you all in," Ayres shared.

Now, that obviously sounds super painful, and fans agree they're glad doctors were able to successfully address the issue. After all, Ayres has enough to worry about as he continues his recovery from a lung transplant. If you did not know, Ayres underwent a transplant over a year ago following the worsening of his COPD. The actor is still undergoing surgeries to help the transplant along, and a GoFundMe launched recently to help him cover medical bills while in hospital. After all, healthcare is far from affordable in the United States, and Ayres admits he has a way to go before he's all better. But if you ask any Dragon Ball fan, they are sure the star will pull through in the end!


Have you sent Ayres your well-wishes yet? You can find the actor over on Twitter here, so drop him a line of encouragement if you can!