Goku Comes To Life In This Impressive Dragon Ball Wood Carving

Dragon Ball always has portrayed their characters as being so "ripped" that they look like they were carved out of a block of wood, but one fan has decided to take that interpretation literally by carving the protagonist himself, Son Goku, out of a block of wood. This Vietnamese wood worker has documented the detail and craft that they used in order to create an amazing statue that brings this Super Saiyan to life in a brand new way.

Sora News 24 shared the details on their Official Twitter Account about this amazing artist as they documented the detailed steps that were needed in order to carve this anime legend in wood:

Let's talk about logs and how they've been used in Dragon Ball in the past. Specifically, logs were the number one method of transportation for one of the earliest villains that a young Goku had to square off against. The "#1 assassin in the world", Mercanary Tao, arrived to attempt to kill Son Goku by using either logs or columns as his method for flying from one area to another. Taking the log and hurling it at full force, Tao would then hop on top of the wood itself and allow the momentum to carry him hundreds of miles in any direction. It was a ridiculous method of displaying the level of strength that Mercenary Tao had at the end of the day.

(Photo: Bandai Namco)

As the franchise moved forward, and characters gained the ability to use their ki to blast through the air, the need to travel using the modern conveyance of logs fell to the wayside, though Tao did appear again later on in a future tournament in the first Dragon Ball series. With the final fight between Goku and Tao resulting in the mercenary being nearly killed by a grenade, his missing and injured parts were replaced with cybernetics but even these enhancements weren't enough for him to defeat the Z Fighters, though he still did travel using his preferred option of hurling logs into the air.


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