Dragon Ball - It's Time For Humans To Get An Upgrade

Let's face it, humans have really gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to the franchise of Dragon Ball. If we're being honest, pretty much everyone that doesn't have Saiyan blood flowing through their veins has become weaker over time, but we digress. While the Tournament of Power gave us some much needed screen time with Krillin, Tenshinhan, and Master Roshi taking up arms against the other universes in a fight for survival, their power levels simply don't compare to the other heroes of the world. It's well past time that we hit an era where human beings are given some serious power boosts.

Saiyans have so many transformations at this point that it makes your head spin sometimes just trying to keep them all straight. With multiple levels of Super Saiyan and God Ki, Ultra Instinct can seemingly be accessed by any warrior, but of course, is given to Goku during the Tournament of Power arc. While Krillin, Tenshinhan, and Roshi were giving opportunities to shine, they are so far behind the likes of Goku, Vegeta, and the hybrids Gohan and Trunks, that they are forgotten over time.

This isn't to say that there aren't possibilities for power ups that already exist within the Dragon Ball universe for humans to take advantage of. It's not outside the realm of possibility that someone like Roshi or Krillin could learn Ultra Instinct if they were to really put the time in, but this never seems to be in the cards. "Mystic" also seems to be a power up that isn't restricted to Saiyans, with Gohan receiving it as a Saiyan/Human hybrid. A few hours with the Elder Kai would certainly work wonders for someone like Yamcha!

Dragon Ball Humanz
(Photo: Bandai Namco)

While their individual skils and techniques proved to come in handy recently, with Krillin using his smarts to navigate at least a small percentage of the universal tournament and Master Roshi's various techniques managing to put him up against much stronger opponents, humanity needs something more. We doubt we're going to see any "Super Human" transformations in the near future, but an effort to create more characters that can access a higher power level, while still being human, would certainly be an interesting change of pace!

Though Uub will eventually make an appearance in the series, we're not exactly sure if he can be qualified as human considering he's the resurrected Kid Buu, though in a universe where folks with three eyes are considering normal, who is to say?


How would you boost the power of humanity in Dragon Ball? Which human Z-Fighter would you pick to be the strongest? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and Dragon Ball!

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