Dragon Ball Z Theory Asks the Real Reasoning Behind Vegeta's Training Regime

Poor Vegeta. The Prince of All Saiyans simply can't catch a break. Seemingly forever doomed to [...]

Poor Vegeta. The Prince of All Saiyans simply can't catch a break. Seemingly forever doomed to trail right behind his sworn rival Kakarot, the stubborn Saiyan simply can't manage to overcome the happy go-lucky fighter regardless of the training he puts in. One of Vegeta's "go to" methods of training is hopping into a "gravity room" and cranking up the levels of gravity, throwing punches and kicks at hundreds of the regular earth's pull. Now, one fan has taken a look back at Dragon Ball Z, where Vegeta implemented this training the most, and devised a reason as to why the Prince of the Saiyans stuck to this method for so long!

Reddit User DiamondToss shared his theory that Vegeta, who grew up in a world that had gravity ten times that of Earth's, would feel more acclimated to taking on challenges in training by cranking up the force of the training room hundreds of times over:

After all these years, it just occurred to me why Vegeta prefers high gravity training from r/dbz

There have been a few reasons that have been mentioned in the past, in both Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super proper, as to why Vegeta just can't seem to catch up to Goku's power level, seemingly always left in Kakarot's wake. In Dragon Ball Z, with Goku and Gohan training within the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to get ready for the "Cell Games", Goku mentions that it is necessary to not just train your body to its max, but to also take into account the need for a body to relax and heal the break down of the muscles.

Vegeta Gravity
(Photo: Funimation)

This is something Vegeta can never quite ascertain, as he consistently feels the need to train harder and harder due to his pride. In Super, Whis also comments on this when the two Saiyans are training with one another, as Goku's happy-go-lucky personality acts as a contour to Vegeta's rigid regiment and psyche. While Vegeta has ascended to insane levels of power, he is still behind Goku as he has yet to achieve the ability to access the transformation that is Ultra Instinct.

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