Evangelion Star Megumi Ogata Enters Recovery After Emergency Surgery

Evangelion has hit hard times thanks in part to the coronavirus pandemic, with the latest film of the franchise, Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0: Thrice Upon A Time, being delayed more than a few times as a result, and it seems like the voice of Shinji Ikari, Megumi Ogata, has entered recovery following emergency surgery. Admitted to surgery as a result of a herniated disc, Ogata has still been making virtual appearances as well as recording new lines for her characters as Megumi has been a voice actor within the medium of anime for years.

Ogata isn't simply known for her prolific voice acting for Shinji Ikari, she has also lent her voice talents to series such as Yu Yu Hakusho, playing the part of Kurama, Kengan Ashura, Akudama Drive, and Cardcaptor Sakura to name a few. On top of her long-time role in Evangelion, Megumi has also started a career as a singer, having some of her tunes placed into the anime franchise that has become a legendary series within the medium. Of course, Megumi is slated to return as Shinji in the upcoming final film of the Rebuild of Evangelion film, which will be releasing later this month to tell the final tale of this alternate take on NERV and the Eva pilots giving their all to defeat the angels.

Ogata recently posted a photo of her practicing alongside her band in a wheelchair, recovering from the surgery of her herniated disc, proving that the voice actor sticks to her schedule of hard work despite the challenges that are thrown her way:

On top of everything else, Ogata also started her own talent agency, proving that her work ethic isn't to be matched when it comes to the entertainment industry.


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