Evangelion Voice Actor Shares Junji Ito Cosplay

With two of Junji Ito's most terrifying tales getting adaptations with Uzumaki being brought to life by Adult Swim and a live action version of Tomie being produced by Hulu, a voice actor for Neon Genesis Evangelion has reminded fans of once of Ito's most creepy tales with cosplay of the Enigma of Amigara Fault! With Evangelion being brought back by the streaming service of Netflix, Casey Mongillo, who is an American voice actor that lent his talents to Mob Psycho 100 and Pokemon, was brought on to bring Shinji Ikari to life for a new generation of viewers!

The Enigma of Amigara Fault is a short story created by horror mangaka Junji Ito which has yet to receive an anime or live action adaptation. In the tale, a boy named Awaki goes to see the side of a mountain that is revealed following an earthquake, with human sized holes which apparently have a strange allure for whoever they are "made for". As Awaki comes into contact with a woman named Yoshida, the terror of the human sized holes begins to take hold and we see the true horror of what happens when some is able to climb inside of the shape that is ultimately destined for them.

Casey Mongillo shared this Cosplay of Enigma of Amigara Fault's Awaki using his Official Twitter Account, showing off an outfit that not only does justice to Junji Ito's spooky tale, but also creates an outfit that is worthy of "flattening the curve" during this time of the coronavirus pandemic:

We would imagine that it would be tough to translate Amigara Fault into a television series considering how short the length of the story is, with it having made a good addition to the short lived Junji Ito Collection, an anime series that acted as an anthology for some of the master of horror's greatest works. Though the series was received with a critical reception, with many believing that it wasn't able to properly adapt Ito's amazing art work, it would still act as a good landing spot for the claustrophobic story!

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