Junji Ito Cosplayer Horrifies with Their Spot-On Looks

Junji Ito's horror library is an astonishing thing, with the mangaka having created some of the spookiest stories in the world of manga, and one fan has managed to bring one of the horror master's most unsettling creations to life with this Tomie Cosplay. With an upcoming television series approved for Hulu, Tomie will be hitting North America in the near future, giving us a brand new take on the succubus who is able to wrap men around her finger. While Tomie has had many iterations throughout the years, it will definitely be interesting to see this new version come to light.

Tomie first appeared in 1987, showing the longevity of the character created by Junji Ito, who has appeared not only in the pages of manga, but also in anime and live action. In Japan, Tomie has received a handful of movies over the years, with some of the weirdest entries involving the young supernatural girl facing off against herself in a roundabout movie that took the name of Tomie Vs Tomie. While we don't necessarily know just what path the Hulu television series will take, there is more than enough material to pull from when it comes to this unique Junji Ito creation.

Twitter User RACHEL shared this impressive Cosplay that brings to life Junji Ito's spooky creation, who has easily become one of the most recognizable creatures in his horror stable and featured in countless projects across the medium of entertainment:

While Tomie does have the Hulu series in the works, we have yet to know whether or not any new stories about the character will be created by Junji Ito in manga or anime format. Regardless, Ito is looking to have a lot on his plate, not just with his currently running manga "The Disturbing Zone", but also with the upcoming anime adaptation of his classic story in Uzumaki. The anime series that is set to premiere on Cartoon Network in 2021 focuses on a town that is cursed with an obsession of spirals, which appears in disturbing and terrifying ways within the borders of the village.

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