The Creator Of 'Fairly OddParents' Just Turned It Into An Anime

If Goku thought guys like Freeza were hard to beat, then the hero has yet to meet Timmy Turner. [...]

If Goku thought guys like Freeza were hard to beat, then the hero has yet to meet Timmy Turner. You may not expect the cartoon boy to pose a threat, but Butch Hartman knows better. So, to prove it, the artist just released a clip of his Fairly Odd Anime.

Over on Youtube, the official channel for Hartman posted a new video showing off the creator's anime skills. The clip, which can be seen below, starts off with foreboding close-ups of Timmy, Wanda, and Cosmo. The trio are aged up to look more intimidating, and Wanda had straight-up turned his magic wand into a makeshift dagger.

As fans can see, the trio are put into battle with a familiar face from the Fairly OddParents. Timmy has to fight Mr. Crocker as the paranoid professor tries to flunk him in their feud. When Wanda is able to protect Timmy from his wrath, things take a turn a la Dragon Ball Z when Mr. Crocker shows off his final form.

Clearly, the transformation is grotesque enough to make even Cell flinch.

The animation sequence shows Mr. Crocker relocating his ear and back amongst other things, but Timmy won't be outdone. Cosmo gives the hero a flying cloud that is similar to Goku's Nimbus before Timmy straight-up goes Super Saiyan. The boy hulks up with some raging muscles, and he goes head-to-head against Mr. Crocker before Cosmo is able to send the villain to an alternate dimension where his mom is waiting to punish him.

Now, if only Majin Buu could have been dealt such a fate...

After the clip ends, Hartman gives a little spiel about his anime take on The Fairly OddParents. The creator admits he is a big fan of the medium, and the screensaver on his computer confirms it; After all, the monitor has a giant image of One Punch Man sitting on it. The video, which was sponsored by Crunchyroll, is also giving fans a 30-day free trial at the website if they want it, so you can check out more details about the special here.