Fairy Tail Creator Strips Down Gray in New Sketch

Fairy Tail has a slew of holidays under its belt, and fans know most of them by heart. That is why the fandom is gathering today in light of September's arrival. Today marks the first day of the month, and Hiro Mashima is ringing in Gray Day with a stripped sketch of the mage.

Over on Twitter, the man behind Fairy Tail honored Gray with a sketch in light of Gray Day. The fan-holiday, which takes place on September 1, was set to honor the icy wizard. Of course, that means Mashima is going to draw the character, and his sketch was never going to include a shirt.

After all, Gray is at his most comfortable when he is nude. The mage has said it once and will say so again; Shirts are rather bothersome, and he's got the kind of abs you would want to flaunt.

You can check out the artwork above as Mashima drew a simple colored piece of Gray. The character is wearing some belted bed pants that sit a bit under his waist. This look combines well with Gray's usual necklace and shaggy black hair. The hero comes off as the epitome of cool, and if Juvia were here to see him like this, fans know she would be melting into a puddle of water.


Luckily, the heroine will get her own holiday in a bit. A good few of the characters in Fairy Tail have specific holidays carved out for them. Lucy kicks things off in June and Natsu carries on the tradition in July. September falls to Gray before Juvia takes the reigns in October. Fans have adopted other unofficial days for their favorite characters, and despite his busy schedule, Mashima makes sure to honor all of these dates with a special gift for Fairy Tail fans.

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