Fairy Tail's Creator Supports Fan-Artists with New Note

Hiro Mashima is one of the most sociable manga artists out there, and he is not afraid to speak with his fans online. Over the years, the artist behind Fairy Tail has amassed followers from around the world eager for a behind-the-scenes look at his work. Now, it seems the artist wants to see more of their work as Mashima is letting fans know about his stance on fan-art.

And you may have guessed but the artist is a fan. It turns out Mashima loves seeing fan-art dedicated to his manga, and he tends to go looking for it whenever he is in the mood.

Over on Twitter, Mashima confessed his love of fan-art to fans with a special post. It was there the actor said he welcomes fan-art of Fairy Tail, Rave Master, Edens Zero, or one of his other titles. After all, fan-art makes him "pretty happy" whenever he sees it.

His message comes shortly after Mashima took to Twitter to share a funny note with fans. It turns out his artist's timeline has been filled with fan-art as of late, and Mashima took to Twitter to ask what kind of algorithm it has going on. The artist said he finds it strange that his timeline is sometimes filled with fan-art while other logins leave him grappling to find any artwork. But to make sure fans didn't construe his comments as complaints, Mashima shared his follow-up post where he admitted he loves fan-art.

Of course, that means Fairy Tail fans were quick to share their own artwork with Mashima. His tweet has amassed dozens upon dozens of replies featuring fan-art. From Natsu to Lucy and beyond, a slew of Mashima's heroes appear in these pieces and represent the best parts of his manga.


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