Here's How Much of Fairy Tail's Anime You Need to Watch to Play the Game

Fairy Tail's big console game debut from Koei Tecmo and Gust is now in fans' hands, and while it does accomplish capturing the fun of Hiro Mashima's popular manga and anime franchises, there is a bit of a learning curve heading in for new fans. Boldly deciding to choose a different starting point to provide a new entry for the game yet still offer tons of playable characters and cameos, the game's story actually takes place almost two thirdsof the way into the run of the original series. It means, unfortunately, that you will need to be caught up.

But how much of the Fairy Tail anime or the manga would you need to watch or read to jump into the new game with all of the knowledge necessary to fully enjoy its story? The game begins during the final moments of the Tenrou Island arc and extends all the way to the events of the Tartaros arc. Which means to completely understand the events of the new title, you'll need at least eleven arcs' worth of knowledge.

It's not entirely necessary to be a complete master of the series, nor does the game require a complete memory of every little event in the massive franchise, but fans of the franchise know that this series does tend to introduce a huge new group of characters with each arc. Enemy guilds and more make an appearance throughout the game adaptation, so it helps to have an idea of who these characters are before they make an appearance or reference earlier events in the story.

For anime fans, you will need to have seen at least 100 or so episodes to fully embrace the story of the Fairy Tail game. For manga fans, you will need to have read at least 245 chapters of the series. These both are adjusted for the final moments of the Tenrou Island arc (which is seen in the game's opening moments), but it is once again important to note that it's not necessary to completely be involved with the series before jumping into the game.


The game does provide a fun window into the world of the Fairy Tail franchise, but it's a window that looks in after a third of the journey has taken place. So if you find yourself lost, unfortunately, there's a ton of material to help expand the experience. Have you played the Fairy Tail game yet? Are you a fan of the series jumping in or are using it as a first foray into Fairy Tail? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!