Fairy Tail Actor Pitches Natsu-Centric Spin-Off

Fairy Tail is currently in the wake of its final season as the Fairy Tail guild is going up [...]

Fairy Tail is currently in the wake of its final season as the Fairy Tail guild is going up against some of their toughest opponents in the series yet. But this also means that the series will soon come to an end, and fans will be wondering what characters like Natsu will be doing after it's all said and done. But what really is there left to do once Natsu and the others take on all the big baddies left? According to one Fairy Tail star, it's time for Natsu to use his skills in a new way.

Speaking with ComicBook.com, Todd Haberkorn, who provides the voice for Natsu Dragneel in the English dub of Fairy Tail, pitched a more relaxed journey for Natsu after the series is over where he'll use his fire magic to take on the culinary world.

When asked which character he'd like to see branch off into their own spin-off series, Haberkorn pitched the idea of following a Natsu from a parallel universe. The results were surprisingly hilarious as his take involved an older Natsu using his skills for cooking instead of fighting, "Natsu has honed his fire abilities in his 30s and has opened up a successful hibachi restaurant chain where he does special fire shows in front of the grill for celebrities and dignitaries that come to Fiore."

But Natsu wouldn't be the only character in this spin-off as Haberkorn also had ideas for roles for Gray Fullbuster and Happy, "Gray comes to the party afterwards to tidy up. Happy is the bouncer."

Fans would definitely be in support of any spin-off series as Haberkorn mentioned how well the series has been received in its final season, "Fairy Tail has always had a world wide appeal. I've been all over the world and no matter the language spoken - everyone was fluent in their affection for that show. I'm hoping we do another 300 episodes,...People are still checking it out and still getting the guild mark tattoo...as well, as my name tattooed on themselves - which is fiery."

Would you be interested in seeing Natsu become the next Guy Fieri? What kind of Fairy Tail spin-off do you want to see? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Fairy Tail was originally created by Hiro Mashima for Kodansha's Weekly Shonen Magazine, running from 2006 to 2017 and selling over 60 million copies. The series is set in a fantasy world full of magic following Natsu Dragneel, a fire breathing wizard with the powers of a dragon who is in search of his missing foster father, the dragon Igneel. As he and his wizarding guild Fairy Tail get into adventures, Natsu always tries to find a way to succeed. The series was later adapted into an anime by A-1 Pictures, Dentsu Inc., and Satelight in 2009 and ended its first run in 2013. A second season ran from 2014 to 2016, and the third season serves as the final one