Final Fantasy Announces First Original Manga

Final Fantasy is a classic game that seems like it has been around forever, and will never [...]

Final Fantasy is a classic game that seems like it has been around forever, and will never leave.

This year marks the The Final Fantasy franchise's 30th anniversary, and it deserves praise for all the amazing stories, games, and movies that the franchise have produced over the years. At the 30th anniversary event on Jan. 31, it was announced that the first Final Fantasy Official Manga is in the works. The manga is set to release in the spring, Hazuki Minase will be providing the story, and it will be illustrated by Itsuki Kameya. Minase is the creator of and also wrote the script for Fate/Kaleid Liner. The upcoming series is titled Final Fantasy Lost Stranger.

Little is known about the upcoming story as it was just announced. However, there has been one teaser poster released of the series, and it shows many new original characters. Half of the poster is light, and half is dark alluding to the classic good versus evil struggle present in other Final Fantasy stories.


Lost Stranger is just one of many projects coming from the Square Enix team this year. There are new game releases coming such as the Final Fantasy 7 remake, and Dragon Quest XI. The company also announced a partnership with Disney last week, so who knows what great Final Fantasy content is still to come. With the franchise creating more original manga and anime, this partnership with Disney could provide Square Enix with awesome content in the future.

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