Fire Force Season 2 Shares New Poster

Fire Force's second season is currently burning up screens as part of the Summer 2020 anime season, and has released a brand new poster to tease what's to come in the next batch of episodes. Now that Shinra and the others are back following their exploration of the Chinese Penisula, they will be reporting their findings to the higher ups. But as we have come to learn from the Special Fire Force over the course of the series thus far, there has been a dearth of information as the organization as a whole has been hiding some crucial information.

This will eventually lead to the Vs. Holy Sol Temple Arc which sees Joker and Victor finally make their move after the latest string of investigations begins to frustrate them. In it is a clash between three pretty powerful fighters, and while the new opening theme for the series already gave us a tease of what that will look like in the anime -- now the real groundwork is being set for this.

The newest poster covers Episodes 11-13 of the second season, and teases that we will see a fight involving Joker, Benimaru Shinmon, and Leonard Burns. As mentioned, this was briefly seen in the opening theme for Fire Force's second season, but now we have a confirmation this is coming our way.

Fire Force's second season has been a lot more forthright about what's next to come in the new episodes than the first season ever was. It has covered quite a few arcs so far with only a few episodes under its belt, and is getting ready for an even bigger clash towards the end of the season. If this rate continues, there's a good chance the anime will be showing off quite a lot that fans of the manga can't wait to see in action completely.

Are you ready to check out Fire Force's next batch of episodes? What did you think of the anime's take on the Chinese Penisula arc? How are you enjoying the second season overall so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!