Frieren: Beyond Journey's End Is Getting an Anime

The anime medium has explored countless stories featuring magical adventurers navigating landscapes that seem ripped directly from Dungeons And Dragons and the anime world is about to receive quite the unique addition. Frieren: Beyond Journey's End follows the titular character as she attempts to discover what is next in her life following the "Big Bad's" defeat and an anime adaptation has been announced for the manga series that first hit the scene in 2020 and continues to this day.

While Frieren is not an Isekai, it takes the idea of a medieval story and flips it on its head. Originally premiering in 2020, the manga by writer Kanehito Yamada and artist Tsukasa Abe explores an elven mage named Frieren who has accomplished her goal. Unfortunately for the elf, her lifespan is far longer than those of her fellow adventurers, meaning that she must deal with their deaths long before she leaves this mortal coil. The manga story explores the magic-user attempting to discover new meaning in her life while also taking readers into the past to see what led to her current expedition. 

As it stands, no details have emerged regarding which studio will be bringing this magical story to life, though a new poster was released in honor of the anime adaptation's announcement, giving fans a look at what Frieren will look like as she leaps from the pages of the manga to the small screen:

(Photo: Shogakukan)

If you have never heard of this wild anime franchise that puts a spin on your typical Dungeons and Dragon's adventurer types, Yen Press offered the following description of Frieren: Beyond Journey's End:

"The adventure is over but life goes on for an elf mage just beginning to learn what living is all about. Elf mage Frieren and her courageous fellow adventurers have defeated the Demon King and brought peace to the land. But Frieren will long outlive the rest of her former party. How will she come to understand what life means to the people around her? Decades after their victory, the funeral of one her friends confronts Frieren with her own near immortality. Frieren sets out to fulfill the last wishes of her comrades and finds herself beginning a new adventure…"

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