Fruits Basket Reboot Reveals Kazuma Sohma Character Design

Fruits Basket is continuing its comeback! The "slice of life" comedy anime series that simultaneously weaves in an air of magic and mystery will be returning once again with new episodes of their brand new series that follows more closely to its "manga roots". The series, for those who don't know, follows the Sohma family as they attempt to struggle with an ancient curse that transforms them into animals whenever they are hugged by the opposite sex. Of course, when a young girl enters their midst, this adds a whole new layer of problems that the clan has to deal with. With the new anime having dropped this year, the studio has released a new look at one of the family's members: Kazuma Sohma.

Twitter User PKJD8I8 shared the designs for the new interpretation of this fan favorite, promising to give him a slightly different appearance than the one he originally had in the first anime series that debuted in 2001:

It's been quite some time since Fruits Basket first hit the airwaves, so fans are certainly anticipating even more episodes of this new incarnation that will act as a "return to form". TMS Entertainment will be the animation studio that is working to bring these familiar set of faces to a brand new generation, giving characters slightly more modern interpretations as well as sticking a bit closer to the source material that was laid out in the manga for this new series.

With 63 episodes slated for this reboot, we're sure that we'll see even more new character designs coming down the pike.


What do you think of the new character design for Kazuma Sohma? If you've been watching the newest anime, how do you compare it to the anime of 2001? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, or ancient curses that turn family members into animals!

Fruits Basket was originally created by Natsuki Takaya for Hakusensha's Han to Yume magazine in 1998. The series follows a sweet, young, orphaned girl named Tohru Honda who ends up living with a few members of the mysterious Sohma clan when shenanigans ensue. Things get out of control when Tohru learns the family has been cursed to transform into zodiac animals whenever they are hugged by someone of the opposite sex. Sworn to secrecy, Tohru decides to help break the cyclical curse, and the girl falls in love with a special someone along the way. Fruits Basket will even be returning with three new manga chapters later this year from original creator Natsuki Takaya as well.