New 'Fullmetal Alchemist' Prequel Reveals Tragic Nina Moment

It has been over seven years since Fullmetal Alchemist came to an end, but fans have yet to learn everything about the title. This month, the series' first live-action feature debuted in Japan, and it came with a new manga prequel written by Hiromu Arakawa herself.

And, yes - it does include Nina Tucker in one very tragic scene.

Audiences who were able to see Fullmetal Alchemist in theaters on December 1 were able to get a new manga one-shot written by the franchise's creator. Arakawa made a 14-page prequel to the film title Fullmetal Alchemist 0: Beginning of a Long Journey. The manga has since made its way online via scans, and translators were quick to share one of the chapter's scenes featuring Nina.

At the one-shot's end, fans were greeted by Shou Tucker as the failed alchemist visits East Headquarters to inquire about his State Alchemist application. The man learns he was rejected by the state, and Shou overhears some men nearby gossiping about Edward Elric, the prodigal alchemist who wowed the state government.

When Shou returns home, fans are met with a truly tragic sight. The man is greeted warmly by his nameless wife who had never been revealed up until now. Shou is then bombarded by his loving dog and daughter, Nina, before his wife asks how he is. Shou says he had no luck this year with the exam, but his wife isn't ready to let him give up.

"You can count on us for anything," the woman says. "Right, Nina?"

After a moment, Shou looks between the pair before saying, "Anything? That's right… I have you two."

"Thanks. Looks like I'll become a State Alchemist for sure next year. As long as I have you two, I can do it."


As fans know, Shou chose to use his wife and daughter as human experiments in order to become a State Alchemist. The manga first introduced the Sewing-Life Alchemist as Shou housed Edward and Alphonse when they came back from one mission. The pair were told the man's wife left the family two years back before Shou produced a chimera capable of human speech. As it turns out, the man actually forced his wife into becoming the chimera before the creature passed, and Shou did the same to his daughter in order to retain his certification. When the Elrics learn about Shou, the man was sentenced to death but was secretly taken to Laboratory 5 as a test subject for human alchemy.

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