Genshin Impact Anime Announced

It's official! After years of pleading, the team behind Genshin Impact has heard us at last. Earlier today, Hoyoverse announced it was developing an anime for Genshin Impact, and it will oversee the project with the studio behind Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

The announcement went live during Genshin Impact's most recent livestream, and it is safe to say few saw the update coming. Hoyoverse has tapped ufotable to produce the anime. And what's more, the pair are calling their partnership a "long-term project". This means we will likely get a slew of anime titles focused on Genshin Impact, so fans can brace themselves for a wave of new content.

At this time, no word has been given on what project will come from this partnership first. A concept trailer was released by ufotable and Hoyoverse highlighting its vision for the anime. As you can see above, the reel is gorgeous, and it visits several key landmarks from Genshin Impact. So if we had to guess, the anime will likely begin where the game's archon quests do and tackle the City of Freedom, Mondstat, when it drops.

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This announcement caught plenty by surprise, but it is nothing but welcome. Genshin Impact fans have begged for an anime since the live-service game began. The title's anime-inspired visuals made it easy to imagine how a full-blown anime could look. Of course, rumors have cropped up time and again about a possible adaptation, but they never came to fruition. But today, all of the fandom's anticipation paid off.

Currently, there is no set release window for Genshin Impact's first anime. The Hoyoverse team has enough on its plate with the IP as is. Not long ago, the game introduced its latest nation Sumeru, and the 3.0 update has more to share. Later this month, another update will join the game, and it plans to introduce Sumeru's vast desert region to players. 

What do you make of this surprise announcement? Are you excited for Genshin Impact to get its own anime? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.