Netflix’s Ghost in the Shell Shares New Poster, Cast Additions

Ghost In The Shell is once again looking to return to the world of anime this year thanks to the [...]

Ghost In The Shell is once again looking to return to the world of anime this year thanks to the streaming service of Netflix, with the upcoming series Ghost In The Shell SAC_2045, that will give us a brand new take on Major Kusanagi and the series has a brand new poster and cast additions to get fans hyped! The Stand Alone Complex has been the biggest anime series of the legendary franchise, and this upcoming interpretation creates a series that relies on computer generated animation to tell this new take on Kusanagi and her friends that are enhanced by technology!

The new poster shows off the main cast of the upcoming series that is looking to drop next month on April 23rd, blending computer generated graphics with high technology story telling in an attempt to give the classic anime series a modern makeover. Along with this poster unveiling, the series has also noted that it is getting a few new voice actors to bring to life some of their upcoming characters. Han Megumi will be playing the role of Ezaki Purin, who will be a part of Section 9, and Tsuda Kenjirou will be bringing to life the character of Standard, who will be an essential member of Kusanagi's team of crime fighters in this technologically advanced landscape.

Twitter User AIR_News01 shared the brand new poster for Ghost In The Shell SAC_2045, a new version of the long running anime franchise that is giving the classic characters a brand new series of adventures to explore via the streaming service of Netflix:

Netflix has been making plenty of moves when it comes to the world of anime, creating original anime series as well as acquiring some of the most classic series in the history of the medium. Last year, Netflix made waves by bringing Neon Genesis Evangelion to its library and by offering a number of original anim series to its roster such as Cannon Busters, Carole And Tuesday, and Devilman Crybaby to name a few!

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