'Goblin Slayer' Announces New Casting, Characters

Goblin Slayer has become one of the season’s top series despite its rather controversial debut, and it has no plans to quit. The thrilling series is ready to expand its cast, and it seems a slew of new heroines are joining the show.

Recently, reports surfaced confirming the addition of four new characters to Goblin Slayer. You can check out the awaited add-ons below:

  • Sword Maiden — Aya Endo
    Female Hero — Miyuri Shimabukuro
    Sword Master — Haruka Tomatsu
    Sage — Honoka Inoue

For those unaware of these characters, they do hail from the series’ original light novels. Sword Maiden is a character fans are particularly excited to see as the high-ranking adventurer is a favorite character. Working within the temples now, the Sword Maiden grows fond of the Goblin Slayer as she was held captive by the beasts as a child. So, when she needs a temple cleansed, the Sword Maiden knows the man to call.

Female Hero will also be a strong addition to the show. Known as a Platinum-ranked adventurer, the Female Hero is a force to be reckoned with, and her infamous sword is one that has killed lots of goblins over the years.

So far, no English casting has been announced for any of these characters, but the anime only just got its dub via Funimation. Brad Hawkins will voice the famous Goblin Slayer himself with other actors like Hayden Daviau, Sara Ragsdale, and others join the lead.


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Goblin Slayer was first created by Kumo Kagyu with illustrations provided by Noboru Kannatsuki back in 2016. The light novel series tells the story of Priestess as the naive girl goes adventuring with a party in their fantastical world. However, things go south when the group is ambushed by Goblins. With her party slaughtered, Priestess is saved by a hero known as Goblin Slayer whose goal in life is to eradicate the goblin race with extreme prejudice.

Produced by WHITE FOX, the anime is directed by Takaharu Ozaki (Girls' Last Tour). Hideyuki Kurata (Made in Abyss, Read or Die) will handle the series composition and is writing the scripts with Yousuke Koroda (My Hero Academia). Takashi Nagayoshi (Girls' Last Tour) is designing the series' characters, and Mili is composing the opening theme.