'Goblin Slayer' Shares Teaser for New Anime Special

When Goblin Slayer ended its initial 12 episode run last year, it teased that the series would be returning. Fans were hoping this meant another season of the series would release someday, and while that is not entirely off the table, the series will be making its anime return sooner than expected with a special anime episode coming to theaters in Japan.

The series teased this new special episode, titled Goblin's Crown, with a slick teaser trailer and you can check it out in the video above. The inclusion of the "Goblin Slayer will return soon" endcard implies that this is the big return the anime series was teasing.

Unfortunately the teaser trailer does not give away too much about the upcoming special, so fans are still left wondering when exactly it will premiere in Japanese theaters. Since it's so early, there is no detail on whether or not this special episode will be available in other territories either. Nor is there a confirmation of the new episode's run time neither. But it has been confirmed the original staff and cast will be returning for the new episode.

The "Goblin's Crown" title and arctic looks for Goblin Slayer's party teases that the new episode will adapt Volume 5 of the original light novels in which they face the most intelligent goblin enemy yet. For those curious, Yen Press has licensed the volumes for an English language release and describe Volume 5 as such:

"A young noblewoman has disappeared while out on a goblin hunting quest. When Goblin Slayer and his party set out to find her, they are stunned to discover a horde of goblins have built their nest within an ancient dwarven fortress...and these ones even appear to be followers of some primitive, sadistic cult! But what troubles Goblin Slayer most of all is their leader, who is stronger and more intelligent than any goblin he's faced before..."

Goblin Slayer was first created by Kumo Kagyu with illustrations provided by Noboru Kannatsuki back in 2016. The light novel series tells the story of Priestess as the naive girl goes adventuring with a party in their fantastical world. However, things go south when the group is ambushed by Goblins. With her party slaughtered, Priestess is saved by a hero known as Goblin Slayer whose goal in life is to eradicate the goblin race with extreme prejudice.

Produced by WHITE FOX, the anime is directed by Takaharu Ozaki (Girls' Last Tour). Hideyuki Kurata (Made in Abyss, Read or Die) will handle the series composition and is writing the scripts with Yousuke Koroda (My Hero Academia). Takashi Nagayoshi (Girls' Last Tour) is designing the series' characters, and Mili is composing the opening theme.



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