New Goblin Slayer Episode Confirms Release Date

Goblin Slayer has kept away from fans since its first season ended, but things have kept busy with the hero. Not long ago, fans of the anime were treated to a special OVA which debuted in Japan last year. Now, they have learned when the special will be released on home video, and Goblin Slayer plans to take its time with this debut.

Recently, AIR News hit up Twitter to share the news with fans outside of Japan. It was there fans learned Goblin Slayer: Goblin's Crown will hit home video later this summer in Japan.

According to the new report, Goblin Slayer will bring out this OVA on home video in late July. The release, which is slated for July 29, will put the special on both Blu-ray and DVD. The runtime comes in at about 60 minutes which is pretty average for an action-adventure OVA.

Of course, fans are curious when the OVA may make its way to home video in the U.S., but there is no word on that. If the special doesn't debut in Japan until this July, that doesn't bode well for foreign markets. While online platforms like Crunchyroll may be able to stream the Goblin Slayer OVA rather quickly, a full home video release may not come until this winter at the earliest.


For now, fans are waiting to see how this special is received when it comes to sales. Goblin Slayer was a controversial anime to start but its sides heroes raked in a loyal fanbase. And if there is one thing those fans want to do, it is to see the Goblin Slayer raze a few monstrous hideouts sometime this year.

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